AISPOT develops The Next Generation Immersive Platform for Travel, Retail & Mobility using AI, IoT and Big Data for Personalized & Augmented, Explorations and Transactions.

AISPOT vision is to empower and enable individuals to own, manage, share and earn benefits from their personal data in order to receive relevant services and information that matches their interests and optimizes their experiences, time and money.

AISPOT provides you with a digital assistant that will live on the phone, learn about you and become your digital friend in your everyday life. The assistant knows you and your surroundings wherever you are in the world. The assistant will be your local expert and will only work for your benefits wherever you are in the world.

The more data you give access to, the more the assistant will be able to help. The assistant will act as your personal data gatekeeper. In return, you will be able to monetize your data and receives relevant information and offers at relevant times matching your interests as benefits. The assistant will be focusing on travel, retail and mobility providing both relevant services and offers.

AISPOT operates in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Spain today.


  • Visitors get one single app across destinations and activities

  • Visitors may earn loyalty score and VIP-services from spending – across brands and cities

  • All booking, tickets, vouchers and benefits in the AISPOT mobile Wallet

  • Smart, personal mobile assistant – connects local guides with interest of user, IOT, interactive exploring, tracking and gaming

  • All membership cards stored in the AiSpot mobile wallet


Mobile centric visitors

  • Todays visitors utilize their mobile all the time, anywhere. These mobile users expect smart, personalized and localized assistance.

  • AISPOT is developing “Your Local Assistant”, informing you about your opportunities at the right time and place.

Travel industry

  • The industry struggles with mobile barriers such as costly, highly customized apps – and thereby missing out the potential within AI, IoT, mobile loyalty programs and insight.

  • The AISPOT mobile platform – enables clients to make apps and new mobile services without any programming – and ready to launch within weeks.

AISPOT clients within travel industry

  • Destinations

  • Tour operators

  • Transporters

  • Attractions

  • Accommodations

  • Local shopping

AiSpot platform includes

  • CMS to easily add their own local content

  • Pre-loaded with local tourist content

  • Interactive guides

  • Booking

  • Games or challenges

  • Mobile loyalty program

  • Insight dashboard

  • Location based mobile marketing


We have many years experience with IT, logistics, financial, retail and e-commerce. We are experts in digital marketing and social communication.

Per Arne Friestad
Per Arne FriestadCEO

Tel +47 922 80 130
Harald Jellum
Harald JellumFounder & Chairman
Tel +47 915 43 432
Morten Rynning
Morten RynningFounder & Board member
Tel +47 900 20 538
Inger Anne Vik
Inger Anne VikCountry Manager Norway
Tel +47 99 24 49 18
Cristina Bruno Garin
Cristina Bruno GarinCountry Manager Spain
Tel +34 672 322 040
Ina Susanne Bach
Ina Susanne BachCountry Manager Germany
Tel +49 172 45 75 855



Ketil Solvik-Olsen
Ketil Solvik-Olsen
Bente Sollid Storehaug
Bente Sollid Storehaug
Lars Erik Grønntun
Lars Erik Grønntun
Niels Røine
Niels Røine
Thomas Lundmark
Thomas Lundmark


  • Help travel industry and communities to innovate and digitalize.

  • Making a shared channel and platform for clients to easily connect their digital and physical services.

  • And for consumers to connect all their apps and benefit in one single mobile platform.

of leisure tourists travel with a smart phone
of consumers use mobile while shopping in-store
of tourist spending happens on destination
0 billions
international tourist arrivals in 2017
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AISPOT helps travel industry and communities to innovate and digitalize. A channel to connect with mobile users Utilizing beacons, geolocations, WiFi, QR and barcode Enabling insight to behavior in store – like in e-commerce Empower current clubs and loyalty programs connecting new digital services and innovation


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