Our vision is to inspire people to explore, learn and enjoy their communities wherever they are and to stimulate a more conscious and sustainable behaviour for a better life and future

AISPOT has been created to provide you with a digital assistant that lives on the phone, learns about you and becomes your trusted local friend. The assistant will be your local expert and the gatekeeper of your data working always for your benefits

We enable direct and effective communication between local services and communities towards the users, creating a greater collaboration and beneficial impact for all the players

AISPOT is founded in Norway and operates in Scandinavia, Germany and Spain


For the Community

  • Support and promote all local services with use of the latest technologies
  • Offer local high quality information from your own data sources
  • Direct and targeted communication with citizens, visitors and tourist
  • A reward system
  • Apply digital benefits to the physical world

For the Users 

  • Get information and service at the right time and place, matching your interests
  • Learn, earn and have fun, explore and be rewarded by point
  • Control of your own data
  • An all in one service in language on your phone
  • Optimisation of loyalty cards which become smart


Get local quality information of my interest coming to me at the right time and place

The physical world needs to be smarter, to get the “same benefits” of the online world

We need to take more responsibility and act more conscious about sustainability in our daily life

The users should be more in charge of their data to leverage their values

Users want to travel more individually and free but having all the options and best information and suggestions

Use technology to get users more into the real world to explore and enjoy

Users don’t want to have one app per destination, hotel, attraction, shop…but a “Super App “

AISPOT is Artificial Intelligence on the Spot


Communities, municipalities, regions, destinations and Smart cities

Accommodation, hotels, restaurants, events, activities and attractions

Transportation and mobility

Tour operators and OTAs

Retail chains, shopping centers and local shopping

Member clubs and associations

Media, insurance and telcos


Strengthen the hosting role with AISPOT and easily integrate content from local and global data sources into our content management system

Membership card with promotions for members. Messages can be sent to those who have the card and are independent of location

Digital coupon based on earned points. Coupons to reward or inspire a behaviour can be sent out based on points earned or at clarified locations

Self-designed insight report. Insights are standard, but it is possible to create a special report that includes the number of visits, sex, nationality, age group, when they enter a place, as well as time on the spot

Extra spots for precise or "inside use" navigation. In addition to Geofence sites for remote use, the platform supports Beacons or QR codes 

Extra tiles. A tile is a button in the menu with customer text, colour and logo or symbol that appears when you are at the destination

Augmented reality. The feature opens to display Augment content anywhere.  A 3D object integrated in the view in the mobile camera. For example, it could be a ruin where you look at the camera how it once was or a future picture of an ongoing construction project


We have many years experience with IT, logistics, financial, retail and e-commerce. We are experts in digital marketing and social communication.

Harald Jellum
Harald JellumFounder & CEO
+47 915 43 432
Prithwick Parthasarathy
Prithwick ParthasarathyCPO
+31 6 49 56 26 30
Inger Anne Vik
Inger Anne VikCountry Manager Norway
+47 992 44 918
Cyril Bricaud
Cyril BricaudBusiness Director International
+47 903 62 520
Christian Grorud
Christian GrorudBusiness Development Norway
+47 995 93 035
Mats Thorstensen
Mats ThorstensenContent Manager Norway
+47 970 33 636
Cristina Bruno Garin
Cristina Bruno GarinCountry Manager Spain
+34 672 322 040
Frippe Stenberg
Frippe StenbergCountry Manager Sweden
+46 70-910 35 00
Conny Örneholm
Conny ÖrneholmSales Director Sweden
+46 70-970 89 00
Ina Susanne Bach
Ina Susanne BachCountry Manager Germany
+49 172 45 75 855
Kai-Axel Aanderud
Kai-Axel Aanderud Business Development Germany
+49 171 54 55 620



Ingvild Ragna Myhre
Ingvild Ragna MyhreChairman
+47 900 38 442
Harald Jellum
Harald JellumBoard Member
+47 915 43 432
Morten Rynning
Morten RynningBoard Member
+47 900 20 538
Lars Sjumarken
Lars Sjumarken Board Member
+44 774 0120 785
Per Arne Friestad
Per Arne FriestadBoard Member
+47 922 80 130



Ketil Solvik-Olsen
Ketil Solvik-Olsen
Bente Sollid Storehaug
Bente Sollid Storehaug
Thomas Lundmark
Thomas Lundmark


  • Help tourism, mobility, retail, media industries and communities to innovate and digitise

  • Making shared communication channels and platform for clients to easily connect their digital and physical services

  • Connect people, benefits and all apps in one single mobile platform

of leisure tourists travel with a smart phone
of consumers use mobile while shopping in-store
of tourist spending happens on destination
0 billions
international tourist arrivals in 2017
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