AISPOT signs partnership contract with the city of Malaga

The Norwegian start-up has developed a digital assistant app that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to give its user the right information at the right time, matching the user’s interests. AISPOT stands for Artificial Intelligence on the spot. The digital assistant learns about your preferences, it knows your local surroundings and its working for your benefits.

The city of Malaga is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world with its 18 million visitors per year, and has now entered into a strategic partnership with AISPOT to give travellers an even better experience when visiting the city.

The founder of AISPOT, Harald Jellum, has vast experience in developing software using AI, machine learning and big data analytics through his previous company Your.MD, which is now the leading health app in more than 120 countries. With AISPOT, Mr. Jellum brings artificial intelligence also to the travel industry. By taking a user-centric approach where the digital assistant will be the users gatekeeper of personal data and share them in an ecosystem of providers of products, services and experiences, AISPOT is creating a whole new digital model.

The user is in control of their personal data, and the dialogue with brands and attractions at the tourist destinations will become interactive in a whole new way. We aim to engage both the user and the local ecosystem by allowing them to match when the time is right and the interest from the user is there. From experience and analytics, we know that to be more successful for both, interactive dialogue is a much better way of communication. People are tired of being bombarded with thousands of banner ads per month, says founder of AISPOT, Harald Jellum. He also says that in AISPOT the information is not crowd sourced, so the local information will be far better and even more accurate. Let’s say you are interested in Viking history, and you arrive to a new place. Then you get a notification on your mobile saying that you are now on the place where the Vikings arrived in hundreds of years ago. You can then take up your smartphone and see the Vikings coming in their ships in full augmented reality. Same goes with other types of experiences.

The Mayor of Malaga, Excmo. Sr. D. Francisco de la Torre Pradosis is enthusiastic about collaborating with AISPOT. The mayor states; tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. New and smart solutions are disrupting and changing our travel behaviour. For the City of Malaga it is important to embrace these innovations which improve our visitor’s experiences through an intelligent and direct interactive dialogue with our attractions and local businesses. AISPOT is at the forefront of implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide tourists with the right information at the right time in order to satisfy their interests. We are excited to work with them to make their service better and more accessible to our visitors, residents and all people in Malaga, says the Mayor.

Also in the Norwegian government, there are enthusiasm about this collaboration. Norway’s Ambassador to Spain, Helge Skaara explains that the agreement proves that Norway have companies that are among the best in the world within AI and machine learning. AISPOT have proven its ability to get the attention from the largest tourist destinations and finalize contracts he continues. We look forward to assist the innovative team of AISPOT going forward and for them to deliver intelligent services all over Spain ends Skaara.

Norwegian government heavily support innovative start-up companies through Innovation Norway. Head of Innovation Norway in Spain, Grete Bergsland explains that Innovation Norway has followed the skilled team of AISPOT ever since its inception in 2015. Innovation Norway are impressed to see the strategic collaboration between Malaga and AISPOT, and this is a great example of how Norwegian technological solutions and innovations can improve the daily lives of the tourist but also Malaga`s population where AI, machine learning and analysis are driving forces for new exciting services, she ends.

About AISPOT A Norwegian company located in Oslo and Spain. Developing The Next Generation Immersive Platform for Travel, Retail & Mobility using AI, IoT and Big Data for Personalized & Augmented Explorations and Transactions.


Pictures from left

  • Francisco de la Torre Pradosis, The Mayor of Malaga
  • Nicolai Prydz, Head of AISPOT in Spain
  • Maria del Mar Martin Rojo, Vice Mayor of Tourism
  • Helge Skaara, Norway’s Ambassador to Spain
  • Javier Hernandez Damen, Tourismus Malaga
  • Per Arne Friestad, CEO AISPOT
  • Grete Bergsland, Director Innovation Norway, Spain