The Ukrainian automotive company, Atoll Holding, today signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Norwegian start-up company, AISPOT, in Oslo during the presence of both the Norwegian and Ukrainian Prime Ministers.  The automotive industry is transforming dramatically, and Atoll Holding is at the forefront of these changes by actively investing and creating new digital solutions focused on mobility.   

AiSpot stands for artificial intelligence on the spot. The company has developed a digital assistant that lives on your phone and uses machine learning and AI to learn about the user in order to provide relevant information at relevant times matching the user’s interests.

Together, the parties will create new mobility services and a new digital model. In the planned new interactive model people are encouraged and rewarded for sharing personal data and intentions with the digital assistant. The digital assistant will be connected to a huge eco-system of providers of products and services and will share the user’s profile on relevant times with the eco-system anonymously. The digital assistant will act as a personal data gatekeeper and analyze the user’s behavior in order to provide relevant benefits to the users. 

The user will be rewarded in advance for sharing anonymously their relevant profile or intention within travel, retail and mobility. In this way both the user and the ecosystem will become engaged on a regular and much more relevant basis says the Chairman and founder of AISPOT, Harald Jellum.

Atoll Holding has for the past two years has been digitalizing and streamlining its operations through the 100% owned subsidiary company, NexCore. NexCore was created with aim to develop an automotive ecosystem, which will provide advanced software and hardware solutions for the dealerships of the future (dealerships 4.0) and their clients. By focusing on automation of business processes, infotainment, reducing chance of human error and providing additional mobility solutions using IOT, Big Data, Machine Learning algorithms and VR technology.

“The Automotive industry is undergoing the most dramatic changes over the past 100 years. In nearest future 50% of car development cost will consist of IT solutions. We have more then 26 years of experience in automotive sector of which 20 last years as partners of Skoda Volkswagen Group. Using our experience in automotive sector and Ukraine’s engineering capabilities we aim to be at the forefront of future transformations of the industry” says Oleg Boiaryn Chairman and owner of Atoll Holding.

Atoll Holding PJSC is one of the leading holding companies in Ukraine owning and operating around 50 different companies with nearly 2000 employees. Main area of business is automotive, and Atoll own a modern car factory in Transcarpathia in Ukraine and controls a network of dealerships throughout Ukraine.

About AISPOT AS: A Norwegian company located in Oslo and Spain. Developing the Next generation Immersive Platform for Travel, Retail & Mobility using AI, IoT and Big Data for Personalized & Augmented Explorations and Transactions.

The cooperation agreement was signed under Norwegian Ukrainian Business Forum 2019 at OsloMet 28. January 2019 from left Harald Jellum, Chairman and founder, AISPOT, Oleg Boiaryn, Chairman, Atoll Holding, Volodymyr Groysman, Primeminister in Ukraine, Erna Solberg, Primeminister in Norway and Per Arne Friestad, CEO, AISPOT