A Global Eco System integrated by many Local Eco Systems

As a local service or business our platform gives you access to information and communication directly with users in the area.

All players in the local communities get benefits

Benefits for the Users

The solution allows the user to own, manage and earn directly from sharing relevant profile at relevant times in a trust-based dialogue.

The user gets relevant local quality information and services at right time & place matching interests.

Have fun, Learn & Earn explore and discover local history, traditions, nature, art, gastronomy and sustainable options and activities. Get points and create a score which gives you rewards according to your activity.

Extra rewards for sustainable choices.

The user decides if and when he wants to share his profile and get notifications.

The Local Assistant will search and find and present to the user all the benefits, opportunities and rewards in the ecosystem.

Optimization of loyalty cards which become smart: finally the user can get the benefits at the right time and place and take advantage and optimize them.

The Local Assistant works proactively: the user does not need to search or take any action, the information and benefits come to him automatically.

An all-in-one-service for the end user in your local language.



Users own and manage their personal data and earn points through their activities and behaviour and can use them in the Eco System through a commonly accepted reward and gamification system

Local services and business get promoted and have access to information and communication directly with the users at local and global level

Institutions and local governments can optimize communication with their citizens, support local business and sustainable activities, promote the city and get valuable information from users to optimize the wellbeing of the community

Promoting and creating more sustainable communities using technology

A holistic centralized app creating the right flow in the GLOCAL eco system