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A Global Eco System integrated by many Local Eco Systems

More Sustainable business models for locals and tourism

Benefits for our customers

Trust based communication, right information at the right time and place driven by user’s interests

Local quality Information, we connect with your datasources

Equal opportunities for all local services

Improve digital competitiveness for the physical world

Insight information for better management

Gamification and reward system attracting more clients and increasing user’s satisfaction

Become a better host give holistic experiences for tourists creating stories worth sharing

All in-one APP for locals and visitors global visibility and accessibility for local communities and business

Price model

We work with a subscription model with following elements.

  • Set up fee
  • Basic license for using the platform
  • Integration with data sources

Services in our platform


Direct messages to users from a selected geofence point. The customer defines and can program the frequency and content of the campaigns. The message can contain text, picture, sound, and video, link to other web pages as booking or more information

Examples of campaigns can be telling users about what is happing this weekend as gastronomy events, sports events, kids events or a special offers

Extra spot

In addition to the Geofence spots for outside usage, the platform also contains support for beacons, small battery-operated Bluetooth senders, lasting 5 years, with an accuracy of 10 – 30 m or QR codes linked directly to the content manage system, CMS, of the platform

The beacons are typically used when you need precise local positions outside as statues, monuments, small buildings. Or inside shops, museums, hotels, restaurants, attractions or other relevant services giving the option for information at precise positions

Digital coupon

The user builds up points and a score in the different categories according to his activity. Create coupons to attract more clients rewarding user’s behaviour based on user’s points, score and/or certain defined criteria of user’s profile as age, gender and nationality


Membership cards

With this service we can create a digital membership card with options also to send direct messages to those who have loaded the card in the "wallet".

Messages are sent to those who have the card and are independent of location. Messages can contain text, image, sound, video or link. For example; what happens this weekend, food festival, sports event or similar.

This functionality is relevant as communication with the people in a direct dialogue. If you have downloaded a card, you say you are open to a message even if you are physically in a completely different place.


Tailor made Tiles

A tile is a button in the menu with customised text, color and symbol or logo that is displayed when you are at the destination.

The data behind the button is selected by the customer. An example of this might be a place name, a separate sports activity, or something unique to the place. Or your own services


Augmented Reality

The feature opens to display Augment content in any location. This means that the user can see 3D object integrated in the view in the mobile camera.

In culture, an example can be a ruin where you see on camera what it once was like. It can be a meeting with famous historical figures or sports heroes. Another example is future / ongoing construction projects.

Gokstadskipet, The Viking Planet/ AYCE
Gokstadskipet, The Viking Planet/ AYCE

Insight for partners in the eco system

Get valuable information about the behaviour of your clients through periodic reports including number of visits, gender, nationality, age group, when they enter a spot and time spent.

Optional service

Insight reports with tailormade design.