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Our vision is to inspire people to explore, learn and enjoy their communities wherever they are and to stimulate a more conscious and sustainable behaviour for a better life and future

Some challenges

Today users are overloaded by apps one per shop, hotel, attraction, destination. We believe in a Super App

Sustainability is a key point for our society:
We believe in a smart assistant which can influence social behaviour towards more sustainability – as a natural part of your daily life

Today the internet giants make you stick to the screen…to sell as much advertisement as possible. We want people off the screen…into the real world.  We believe in a tool to learn, enjoy and support Local Communities

Today  internet services ”steal” your profile and sell your data. We want the user to be more in charge of their data and leverage their values

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Our Solution - The Local Assistant

Our solution is a digital assistant which lives on your phone with world-wide local expertise

The assistant is learning from user´s behaviour using AI, machine learning and Big Data analytics.

The Local Assistant gives you the best advice at the right time & place.

We give you the local story

The assistant inspires you to be brave, adventures and curious, also to meet people, places and culture

The Local Assistant is the gate keeper of the user´s information. Speaks 167 languages

We promote and guide you to sustainable services and products


All players in the local communities get benefits

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Benefits for the Users

The solution allows the user to own, manage and earn directly from sharing relevant profile at relevant times in a trust-based dialogue.

The user gets relevant local quality information and services at right time & place matching interests.

Have fun, Learn & Earn explore and discover local history, traditions, nature, art, gastronomy and sustainable options and activities. Get points and create a score which gives you rewards according to your activity.

Extra rewards for sustainable choices.

The user decides if and when he wants to share his profile and get notifications.

The Local Assistant will search and find and present to the user all the benefits, opportunities and rewards in the ecosystem.

Optimization of loyalty cards which become smart: finally the user can get the benefits at the right time and place and take advantage and optimize them.

The Local Assistant works proactively: the user does not need to search or take any action, the information and benefits come to him automatically.

An all-in-one-service for the end user in your local language.