A paradigm shift for sustainable tourism

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The world is changing extremely quickly. Digital enhancements are transforming the tourism industry. More people, and especially young, are showing higher levels of concern about the impact of travel and the need to act; they want to keep enjoying and discovering the local gems and treasures the world has to show, but in a more sustainable way, collaborating and being part of the solution.

With that in mind, two start-ups committed with the change, AISPOT AS and TripDoodler, have partnered up to bring a solution and a tool to help travelers in that mission.

Sustainability is fast becoming the decision factor in travel. But navigating sustainability is often too complex for companies and individuals alike. Sustainability is complex, but acting sustainably doesn’t have to be. Aispot and TripDoodlers new partner brings this vision to life, says Josephine, Founder & CEO at TripDoodler

We want to take care of our planet, to contribute with our technology for a better future. We have created a service that stimulates good environmental activity. Behavioral change is possible to achieve through increased awareness. Through the mobile solution, users will be positively stimulated and made aware of their own behavior and of businesses and destinations’ environmental measures.

AISPOT and TripDoodler invite everyone on a “sustainable journey” that is based on the choices we make before, during and after a trip. Small or large, every step counts – and we look forward to making it easier for you to make a difference.

Combining Aispots technology and TripDoodlers crowd-sourced sustainability standard, give travelers a unique ability to easily find and share the more sustainable options on the go.I can’t wait to get started on the integration, and together make more sustainable travelaccessible to travelers, says Harald Jellum, Founder & CEO AISPOT International.

TripDoodler is a Danish impact company on a mission to make sustainability easy for travel companies and travelers. Our Sustainability Impact Platform uses objective parameters to provide a truly accessible way to assess – and improve – sustainability efforts. By removing subjectivity and complexity, we’re building a standard for sustainability that works for companies, individuals, and the planet. Navigating sustainability has never been easier.

AISPOT provides you with a Super App which helps you in your everyday life wherever you are. Through your digital friend who knows you and your surroundings and learns using AI to provide you with the best opportunities at the right time and place matching your interest. This is made possible through our AI based collaboration and communication platform where the platform can be integrated with content from industries as tourism, retail, transport, media, insurance, sustainability, entertainment… including gamification and rewarding. The system operates as a seamless gateway towards payments & booking.

Contact persons

AISPOT International AS
Harald Jellum, Founder & CEO, harald@asipot.no tel. +47 915 43 432

TripDoodler ApS
Josephine Piplits, CEO, & Founder josephine@piplits.com phone +45 5359 0100

Inger Anne Vik, CEO, inger.anne@aispot.no tel. +47 992 44 918