Ingvild Myhre is the new Chairman at AISPOT

From left; new chairman in AISPOT Ingvild Myhre, and founder and CEO Harald Jellum and responsible for AISPOT in the Norwegian market, Inger Anne Vik
From left; new chairman in AISPOT Ingvild Myhre, and founder and CEO Harald Jellum and responsible for AISPOT in the Norwegian market, Inger Anne Vik

Ingvild Myhre joins scale-up company AISPOT as the new Chairman of the board. AISPOT offers a mobile communication platform for tourism, retail and mobility. The service uses artificial intelligence, big data and IoT, and provides useful insights and analysis on both the consumer and business side. This collaboration platform enables service providers and visitors to interact seamlessly and allows users to get highly localized data and information.

Serial entrepreneur Harald Jellum steps down as Chairman and takes on the role as CEO. The company has been in operation for four years and the development has reached a stage where it is time to scale the company internationally.

– We look forward to Ingvild contributing to the further development of the company and strengthening its focus on sustainability and internationalization as well as positioning it as a leading collaboration platform, says Harald Jellum, CEO of AISPOT

Ingvild Myhre holds several board positions and is currently the CEO of iStyrelsen, a board advisory firm.

– If we think we can just work independently within our own ecosystems and develop solutions, we are wrong! In today’s business environment, where one player has the tendency to take it all, there is a threat to the sustainability of businesses.

Current trends show there is no need for an independent app for every place, tourist attraction, hotel, shop or brand. Therefore, we must cooperate across borders and various industry sectors, if we are to succeed internationally and nationally. This collaboration requires an open technology platform, and this is precisely what AISPOT is developing; a Super App that has the capacity to include all relevant services .

Today, we must work together on a joint solution and I am very excited to contribute to this project, says Ingvild Myhre, Chairman of the Board, AISPOT.

AISPOT aims to enhance the competitiveness of local businesses, with their mobile communication platform referred to as the ‘Local Assistant’. The “assistant» introduces users to artificial intelligence (AI) that gathers data and patterns based on user behavior. The assistant enhance local experiences and provides relevant information in real time to end users in 167 languages. This communication platform will serve the citizens and visitors by encouraging collaboration across sectors whilst providing a premium service and relevant information to the end user.

AISPOT has agreements with Visit Sørlandet, several ‘Smart City’ cities and other destination. Internationally, AISPOT is working closely with tourist authorities in the region of Andalucia and Malaga city in Spain. Sister companies are currently being established in strategic locations such as Germany and Spain, to have better access to key markets throughout Europe.

About Ingvild Ragna Myhre

Ingvild has a master’s degree in engineering from NTNU in Trondheim. She has experience from leading positions in the private and public sector. For four years, she led Network Norway, which she helped establish as Norway’s third mobile operator. She has previously held leading positions in the energy and ICT sector, including as CEO of Alcatel Telecom and Telenor Mobil. She has more than twenty years of experience from board work with a wide range of different companies. She is currently chairman of the board and board member in a number of companies, both large and small companies in the public and private sectors.


AISPOT is a Norwegian company with great ambitions that works together with business actors and tourism destinations to create unique travel experiences for locals and tourist. We provide a smart collaboration platform where actors can better and directly communicate with each individual user. AISPOT deliver opportunities to reach a user on right time, right place matching your interest.


Ingvild Myhre, Chairman, AISPOT, tel. +47 900 38 442,

Harald Jellum, CEO and Founder, AISPOT, tel. +47 915 43 432,