Our app gives you guidance on where to find the best sustainable choices. Getting scores and benefits.

We are working towards the principles of UN Agenda 2030 Sustainability goals

We think Global and act Local

Trainning and sensibilitation through the Local Assistant: informing and creating consciousness and awareness; each small action can make a big impact

Knowledge makes you choose better
The Local Assistant gives the right advice and information to make people think how we can respect nature with better choices in the way we consume, in the way we live our daily life's.

AISPOT platform implements better measurement of sustainable policies/ initiatives from the Local governments and the behaviour and reaction of the Community for a better management

Creating better Communities: the Local Assistant promotes and rewards sustainable behaviour and activities to create Active, Conscious, Compromised, Empowered, Sustainable and Interconnected Communities

Creating a GLOCAL ecosystem that will leave a better future for coming generations

aispot app sustainability feature